It's time for simpler, more transparent healthcare EDI transactions.

VisibilEDI delivers real-time healthcare EDI transaction management and encounter data solutions that are simple, transparent, secure, and accurate. For 20 years, VisibilEDI has provided clients robust automation and outstanding service. We adapt workflow and processing solutions to your needs, and we do so on time, on budget, and on target.

Trust your EDI data

Don’t miss out on valuable reimbursements due to incomplete or inaccurate data – get the information you need to take action.

Serve members, not data

Uncover actionable insights to better serve your members with simple, easy-to-understand EDI management.

Never miss an opportunity

Manage your processes to close incentive gaps to maximize your revenue.

Increase efficiency & lower costs
with VisibilEDI’s next-gen EDI solutions

With VisibilEDI, you get next-generation healthcare EDI transaction management solutions that lead the industry in simplicity, accuracy, effectiveness, and manageability. VisibilEDI makes your data work for you, so you don’t have to spend so much time working for your data. Demand more from your EDI investment, so you can focus on growing your membership and revenues.

Streamline your inbound data process.

EDI Gateway & Clearinghouse

Aggregate and visually manage all connections and incoming data with a single, intuitive EDI transaction hub.

Simplify your claim submittals with VisibilEDI's

Encounter Data Reporting & Processing System

VisibilEDI’s Encounter Data Processing System simplifies the claim submittal process with dashboard reporting, making it easier to spot and manage incomplete data and rejected claims.

VisibilEDI helped us craft an affordable solution for our Medicaid plan that works great, allowing us to process claims from our providers and improve the accuracy of our encounter data submissions.

I highly recommend VisibilEDI to any organization looking for a true EDI services partner.

Provide 24x7 self-service access with VisibilEDI's

Provider Portal

The VisibilEDI Provider Portal is a networked self-service tool for providers that simplifies information access while reducing the numbers of support inquiries.

The portal quickly gives providers mission-critical access to eligibility verification, claim status inquiries, electronic payment and vouchers, direct claim file uploads, and direct claim data entry.

Get more from your EDI investment

Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your encounter data workflows? If you’re spending too much time tracking down missing data or lack the data access you need--when you need it, it’s time for a better healthcare EDI transaction management solution.

Talk to a Specialist

Have you outgrown your EDI transaction software?

We built VisibilEDI with you in mind.

Requirements and compliance evolve constantly. Health plans get bogged down by in-house data solutions that are complex and inefficient.

Technical challenges and data gaps cost you money and time, and worse yet, they cost you opportunities. VisibilEDI delivers agile, scalable, and enduring solutions that enable you to grow your revenues.

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