VisibilEDI Encounter Data Management

VisibilEDI simplifies encounter data management and saves you money. The VisibilEDI Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS) gives you transparent dashboard control over your entire healthcare ecosystem. With efficient, integrated, accurate, and optimized data, you’ll have full confidence in all your CMS, dual, and state Medicaid claims.

Simplified & Integrated

Have all remediation and reporting at your fingertips with streamlined, transparent encounter data management.

Accurate & Optimized

Optimize and evaluate encounter data submissions with risk scores, KPIs, and state-specific incentive pool metrics.

Spend Less Time & Money

Reduce encounter data management costs and ensure you’re receiving all reimbursements coming to you.

It’s time for simple, accurate, & cost-effective
encounter data management.

The VisibilEDI Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS) efficiently reports encounter claims and payment transactions to CMS, duals, and state Medicaid programs. Our next-gen EDPS captures all responses, provides feedback, and equips our customers with streamlined dashboard reporting tools for accurate, optimized, and cost-effective encounter data submissions.

Encounter data management just got easier.

Simplified, Integrated Encounter Data Management

The VisibilEDI Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS) simplifies the claim submittal process with integrated dashboard reporting that puts all Medicare Advantage, duals, and state Medicaid encounter data at your fingertips.

Encounter data management just got more accurate.

Optimized & Accurate Encounter Data

The VisibilEDI Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS) is designed for business analysts, making it easier to manage incomplete and rejected transactions. 

data analysis
Encounter data management just got less expensive.

Increase efficiency and reduce encounter data processing costs

With the VisibilEDI Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS), you’ll increase overall accuracy and accountability while reducing labor hours. Plus, you’ll spend less on VisibilEDI EDPS than you would on internal encounter data solutions.

It’s time your encounter data served you.

You can count on VisibilEDI to deliver simple, transparent, and cost-effective encounter data workflow solutions—on time, on budget, and on target.

Request a time to talk with us about your specific needs.

Have you outgrown your EDI transaction software?

We built VisibilEDI with you in mind.

Requirements and compliance evolve constantly. Health plans get bogged down by in-house data solutions that are complex and inefficient.

Technical challenges and data gaps cost you money and time, and worse yet, they cost you opportunities. VisibilEDI delivers agile, scalable, and enduring solutions that enable you to grow your revenues.

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