EDI Transaction
Management Pioneers

VisibilEDI is a cohesive team of diverse and open-minded individuals that value and include all experiences and lifestyles. Our differences allow us to innovate, inspire and deliver better service and greater success to our customers and community.

Complex Problems,
Creative solutions

VisibilEDI is 100% employee owned. We counsel to our clients’ best interests and bring a unique point-of-view based on our longstanding investment and dedication to healthcare EDI. We lead with forward-thinking ideas because we understand the complete landscape. Our clients realize and implement strategic, efficient and effective solutions for their current and future healthcare EDI challenges.

First Mover

Oregon set the gold standard in healthcare in 1996 by becoming one of the first states in the U.S. to enact Encounter Data Reporting. Twenty years later, we are leading experts nationally helping clients efficiently report their encounters to CMS and other state Medicaid programs and MAO’s. The result is unprecedented accuracy with minimal work. Clients streamline processes to minimize errors and maximize reimbursement.

Small Firm Culture,
Big Firm Technology

Our culture thrives on diversity and professionalism and is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals with healthcare EDI transactions. We leverage technology and continuous improvement to deliver innovative EDI healthcare solutions. Our EDI solutions empower clients by helping them easily visualize, track, and remediate their workflow. We are Healthcare EDI experts. Let us give your organization an EDI strategy assessment.

Less Is
Much More

Our customer base spans the U.S. and has been built largely via referral and word of mouth. Our client retention rate is outstanding. We operate as the honest broker on behalf of the client to help to help navigate the myriad of options and layers employed in healthcare. Our mission is to help our clients simplify workflow, achieve operational balance and execute a plan to reduce complexity and lower cost.

Careers in EDI

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